Atlas the Giant Rabbit has a new home!

Plus an AMAZING new name to boot!

You’ve probably heard about Atlas by now.

He became pretty famous after the Scottish SPCA put out an appeal to find him a new home!

The rescue centre had taken the rabbit who had got too difficult to look after for his original owner.

Atlas isn’t your typical rabbit, he’s the size of a family dog!

Plus because Atlas is still pretty young, he could get even bigger!

Fortunately, Atlas has found a new home with a lady called Jen from North Ayrshire in Scotland.

Atlas is very happy in his new home and he’s even got a new name ‘Atilla the Bun Binky Master Jazz Paws’, a suitably huge name for a huge rabbit!

Did you know

The world’s largest rabbit is called Darius, who weighs an amazing 3 and a half stone and is over 4ft long!

Check out the appeal to find Atlas a new home…

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