Become even more like Harry Potter and discover your Patronus on the Pottermore website!

Will you be a White Stallion or a Badger?

Last night Pottermore put this on Twitter…

And everyone started to wonder what the latest addition to the site for all things Harry Potter might be.

It looks a lot like the Forbidden Forest, doesn’t it?

Well, all was revealed today!

There is a brand new quiz on the Pottermore website that tells you your Patronus!

For those not in the know, in the wizarding world, a Patronus is basically an animal guardian who you can summon to look out for you (they’re particularly good when it comes to Dementors).

They also reflect something about your personality! In the books, Harry’s Patronus is a stag and Hermione’s is an otter!

Now it’s your turn to discover your very own!

Over on the Pottermore website right now you can journey through the Forbidden Forest answering questions until your Patronus emerges…


Just remember to focus on a happy memory and take the test here!

There’s loads of other awesome stuff to do on the Pottermore website while you’re there too! Find out your Hogwarts house, learn all about upcoming movies and read exclusive pieces written by J.K Rowling herself!

It’s an exciting time to be a Potter fan at the moment, not only is the stage show taking the West End by storm, there’s a brand new movie on the way on November 17th too!

Check out the trailer for Fantastic Beasts below…

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