Beethoven is back in a Christmas Adventure!

Beethoven's Christmas Adventure - Low Res 2DChristmas is always an exciting time, but it’s just gone up a notch because Beethoven is back!

These films about the antics of a St Bernard dog called Beethoven have been massively popular. Now it’s returning with Beethoven’s Christmas Adventure and, for the first time, Beethoven talks!

So what can we expect in this new adventure?

Beethoven’s Christmas Adventure follows a wayard elf called Henry who runs away from the North Pole in Santa’s sleigh and ends up acceidentally crashing in a small American town.

Beethoven's Christmas AdventureThings get even worse for Henry when theieves steal Santa’s magic toy bag – if he can’t get this back then Christmas will be cancelled!

Luckily Henry gets some help from Beethoven and his teenage friend, Mason, who is also trying to recapture some Christmas magic – but will they manage to save Christmas?

Beethoven's Christmas AdventureBeethoven’s Christmas Adventure is out on DVD from 14th November.

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So if you’re looking to wrap up warm inside and enjoy a film to get you in the Christmas spirit, then it’s definitely worth checking this out!

And to give you a better idea of what to expect, check out the trailer below.