Born to be Wild 3D in IMAX now

borntobewild“Awww” is the unavoidable response to this brand new documentary, which focuses on the work being done to save endangered animals in two very different parts of the world.

Narrated by Morgan Freeman, the film shows the lives of young orphaned elephants and orangutans and what people are doing to rescue and look after them.

It can take several years of living under human care until these infants can mature enough to return to the wild on their own and crucial to their survival is the survival of their own environment. And that makes this a really fascinating film to watch.

Born To Be WildBettter still, it has been made into 3D and is being shown at the IMAX, which will definitely  entertain you – and probably ducking from those swinging elephant trunks!

Born to be Wild 3D officially opens at London’s BFI IMAX on 17th June and the Science Museum on 2nd July.

And for a special sneak preview, check out the trailer below.

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