Brand new CBBC live Saturday morning show to launch: Saturday Mash-Up!

The first episode is on September 30th!

Saturday mornings are about to get a whole lot more crazy!

CBBC has just announced a brand new live kids TV show called Saturday Mash-Up.

Yasmin Evans, Jonny Nelson, and Hacker T. Dog are the three lucky presenters teaming up to give the weekend a big awakening!

The new show will be packed full of celebrity guests, games, competitions, and the loads and loads of gunge! There will also be some of your fave CBBC shows.

We know that the first episode, which airs Saturday 20th September, will feature Steve Backshall and Yes Lad!

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We also know there will be episodes of Danger Mouse and The Next Step.

It’s not just on the CBBC channel, it will be on shown BBC Two as well.

Broadcast live each Saturday, the studio audience and you at home will get the chance to interact!

You’ll be able to quiz pop stars and play games on the CBBC site during the show.

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