Bring on the Summer holidays with Zeamu Music !

If you love your music, then check these guys out!

Zeamu Music is a brand new record label for kids packed with original pop music!

All of the music is sung by kids and then performed by the Zeamu characters – Mina, Zac, Aki and Eva on screen!


The guys at Zeamu have been working with some of the most talented writers and producers in the music business to create some awesome tunes.

The songs are about all sorts of things that kids can relate to, summer holidays, feeling a little lonely in the playground, being bullied and the excitement of getting closer to the weekend.

All sounds pretty good doesn’t it?

You probably want to check it out, don’t you?

Well good news because the first Zeamu music video is out now!

It’s called ‘Summer Holidays’ and it’s all about the excitement that starts to build around this time of year.

Check out the song below…

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