Cat takes care of baby chicks

cat and chicks

You know that we love animals here at Fun Kids – we’ve got a whole show dedicated to them everyday at two in Animal Hour after all!

So we absolutely loved this story.

A chinese farmer, called Lao Yang, recently put 30 newborn chicks in an open cardboard box in his house and one day returned to find his cat with them.

-sylvester-tweetyYou may be worried at this point, but guess what happened next!

Lao found that his cat, Niu Niu, was actually playing with them,

‘More than 10 chickens were playing with Niu, Niu, and she even embraced several in her arms. The chickens chirped as if they were under their mother’s belly.’

Ever since the cat has been looking after them – playing, licking them and keeping them warm.

Amazing! Perhaps Sylvester and Tweety should learn something from this!

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