Catch the Pokemon Eevee at a Build-A-Bear workshop from September!

Move straight to the top of the Christmas list.

Pokemon Go has made our dreams of Pokemon appearing in the real world closer to a reality.

Just about everyone on Planet Earth has been out and about catching Pikachus and Clefairys.

And even a few of the lesser spotted Eevees…

Eevees are a real favourite in the game because they evolve into SUPER powerful Pokemon capable of taking down even the strongest of gyms.

So it’s hardly surprising that a cuddly toy version of Eevees will be hitting shops soon!

The people at Pokemon have teamed up with the Build-A-Bear Workshop to create probably the cutest cuddly toy evs…


Look at it! The cutest!

Watch Sean from the Breakfast Show playing Pokemon Go with James TW…

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