Check out the brand new Angry Birds game: Angry Birds Action!

Lights, Camera… Angry Birds Action!

ABA_Character_Red_keyart_poseOut today! A brand new game from the guys behind the massive Angry Birds game!

It’s called Angry Birds Action and it’s a super fast-moving pinball arcade smasher.

In the latest game Red smashes and crashes his way through obstacles like a wrecking ball to save those precious eggs!

There have also been 1 billion BirdCodes printed all over the world for you to find, these will unlock special mini-games within the app such as additional power-ups.

Plus, if you head along to see the Angry Birds Movie the weekend it comes out you’ll get even more exclusive content too!

So make sure you stick around until the credits end because people with the app will get a whole new area of the game!

Β Check out the trailer for the game below…

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