Check out Henry’s new book Horrid Henry’s Nightmare!

Horrid-Henry-Nightmare-CoverNow we know loads of you are big, big Horrid Henry fans and guess what? He’s back with a brand new book!

Horrid Henry’s Nightmare has four new funny Horrid Henry Stories, written by Francesa Simon and with drawings from Tony Ross.

There’s Horrid Henry’s Mother’s Day, which is probably not the day his mum looks forward to most in the year when Henry’s your son!

Then rather than being a nightmare, Horrid Henry has his own nightmare when he’s chased by a ghost bunny with huge teeth, a wailing graveyard ghost and a slimy zombie!

There’s also a new story about one of his greatest enemies in The Return of the Demon Dinner Lady, and then for good measure you can read Fluffy Struts Her Stuff!

Horrid Henry’s Nightmare is out now – click here to find out more!