Check out Scribblenauts Unlimited


We’re huge video game fans here at Fun Kids and we’re ridiculously excited about this new game for Nintendo Wii U and DS!

It’s called Scribblenauts Unlimited and it’s completely different to any game you’ll have played before.

In the game you come across loads of different challenges like getting a cat out of a tree to digging a trench.

And this is where it gets cool. A box will come up asking you what tool you want to use to get the cat out of the tree. You can then type in anything you like and it will appear on the screen.

So you could type in ‘ladder’, ‘flying octopus’ or almost anything and it’ll appear on the screen to help you with the challenge. Pretty amazing right?

Check out the trailer below…

The game will be coming out on Wii U, 3DS and PC on February 8th! So not long to wait.

Click here to pre-order the game!

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