Check out Temple Run: Brave

brave_logo_1024x1024The chances are you’ve come across the mobile game Temple Run. Afterall it’s had over 80 million downloads!

So we’ve got pretty excited because we just found out that the game has brought out a new version called Temple Run: Brave.

This teams up the game with Disney•Pixar’s new animated film Brave, which is out in cinemas on 17th August. Set in the mysterious and mythical lands of Scotland, it follows expert archer Merida as she has to go on an adventure to save her kingdom.

brave-temple-run-1And in Temple Run: Brave you can play as Merida as you run, slide, jump, turn and shoot your way through the game.

There’s a bunch of new features, environments and characters in the game, including archery where for the first time you can tap targets to shoot a bullseye and earn extra coins – just make sure you still keep an eye on where you’re going too!

When you download Temple Run: Brave you get a free set of 2,500 coins for power-ups to help you outrun Mordu, the ‘demon bear’ and one of the main villains of Brave.

Temple Run: Brave is available now for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad and Android devices.

Check out the video to get a better idea of what to expect: