Check out the Alien Schoolboy book series!


If you don’t already know about the Alien Schoolboy book series then you should definitely have a read!

It’s a funny series of books, all about an alien who is on Earth posing as a human school boy!

His name is Flowkwee and he’s really curious about the strange things that humans do. Him and his family have come to earth to try and improve human beings because, apparently, we’re really weird and strange.

The first three books go through how the aliens are going to improve us and make us better.

And now there is a brand new book called the Z – A Guide to Earthlings and it is a guide about humans to help other aliens understand us!

Fortunately, it has been translated from Alien into English by Ros Asquith! So we can get a glimpse of how aliens see us.

Also, all of the books are crammed with funny pictures like this one!

Click here to find out more about the new book!

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