Check out the new book Horrid Henry’s Monster Movie



For all you many, many Horrid Henry fans out there, we’ve got exciting news – Horrid Henry has got a new book coming out!

Called Horrid Henry’s Monster Movie see what happens when our favourite horrible boy sets his sights on making a scary movie. And surely if anyone could make the most horrible scary movie in the world it would be Horrid Henry?

There are four brand new stories in the new book for you to enjoy.

As well as making his own scary movie, in the other stories Horrid Henry persuades Peter to hand over his stash of Grump Cards, as a brilliant scheme to get him out of the punishments his parents give him!

henry-roses-2012He also spends a weekend at Aunt Ruby’s where he has to share a bedroom with his two arch-enemies, Stuck-Up Steve and Bossy Bill.

And finally, when Henry’s school decides to have a mini-Olympics, he sets up his own Holympics, with medals for crisp-eating, TV watching and Burping to the Beat!

Horrid Henry’s Monster Movie is out from 24th May. To find out more and pre-order your copy visit

Horrid Henry’s Monster Movie
is written by Francesca Simon, illustrated by Tony Ross and published by Orion Children’s Books.