Check out these awesome new Mario Maker features!

The game just got a little bit better!

A huge new update has arrived!

It takes you through the history of Mario games, all of which you can experience in Super Mario Maker!

You get the chance to build your own levels and play other people’s online.

This latest update has a load of new features to make the game even better!

Here they are:

Fire Koopa Clown Car: It’s an awesome car that shoots fireballs that can destroy blocks!

P Warp Doors: These aren’t your regular Warp Doors, these ones will only work when a P Switch is active, perfect for those puzzling levels!

Bumper: This is a bouncy object that sends Mario flying!

World Records: Every course will display the World Record, so you can see the fastest time to beat!

Bookmark: You can now bookmark courses to play at a later date!

Our very own N60Sean has played loads of Mario Maker!

Watch him playing with the voice of Mario here!

If you’re new to the game, then this video with Sean will show you the ropes…


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