Cheryl Cole and Harry Hill are top duo!

Cheryl-ColeWhat do Cheryl Cole and Harry Hill have in common?

Well, according to a recent survey, they’re your top role models!

In a recent poll of 1,800 children in the UK aged 7 to 12, Harry Hill was voted top role model by the boys and Cheryl Cole was voted top by the girls.

Harry-HillWhilst Harry Hill only narrowly won though – just beating David BeckhamCheryl Cole stole the show for the girls, coming first with over 30% more votes than second placed Emma Watson!

Our Prime Minister didn’t do too well though! He only got 2% of the boys’ vote and didn’t even get into the top 10 for girls.

Do you agree with the lists below? Who would you vote as your top role model?

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Top role models for boys:

1. Harry Hill (25 per cent)
2. David Beckham (23 per cent)
3. Lewis Hamilton (10 per cent)
4. Lord Alan Sugar (9 per cent)
5. Simon Cowell (8 per cent)
6. JK Rowling (6 per cent)
7. Jamie Oliver (6 per cent)
8. Dizzee Rascal (3 per cent)
9. Cheryl Cole (2 per cent)
10. David Cameron (2 per cent)

Top role models for girls:

1. Cheryl Cole (44 per cent)
2. Emma Watson (10 per cent)
3. JK Rowling (8 per cent)
4. Alexandra Burke (7 per cent)
5. Fearne Cotton (5 per cent)
6. Harry Hill (4 per cent)
7. Simon Cowell (4 per cent)
8. Robert Pattinson (4 per cent)
9. Lord Alan Sugar (3 per cent)
10. Kelly Holmes (2 per cent)

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