Company in Indonesia creates edible packaging and jelly-cups from seaweed!

It's better for the environment than plastic.

A company in Indonesia has come up with a really good idea to help us reduce waste.

Evoware has made edible packaging!

Indonesia is home to some of the world’s most polluted water ways. Single-use packaging is a large contributor to the problem, the innovators decided to tackle that issue first. After investigating various material options, the company settled on seaweed.

Since Indonesian farmers already harvest more seaweed than they can sell, it was easy for the company to find the material.

It can be used to house things like instant noodle seasoning and single-serve sachets of instant coffee.

Afterwards, simply drop the entire packaging into the hot water and watch the odourless, tasteless, packet melt away, leaving behind no trace of its existence!

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While the edible wrappers may not have any taste, the same cannot be said about the single-use cups that the company has also invented.

Called ‘Ello Jello’, the single-use cups can be used to serve cold drinks are available in four flavours โ€” orange, lychee, peppermint, and green tea.

Similar to the wrappers they are edible and, according to the company, have a texture that is similar to jelly!

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