Company in Japan builds the world’s longest running fidget spinner, lasting over 12 minutes!

Check out a video below!

A company in Japan has build the world’s longest running fidget spinner!

It spins for over 12 minutes thanks to the bearing inside which uses tiny, high-precision balls and a big ring to ensure it spins smoothly.

There’s actually a really clever scientific explanation behind it and it’s all to do with centrifugal force!

Centrifugal force is the energy of an object trying to go in a straight line when it can’t. It creates a ‘pushing’ feeling, like when you’re on a merry-go-round and you’re trying to hold on!

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The smooth bearing and weights on the outside of the ring contribute to the centrifugal force and help this spinner spinning!

It was built by NSK Micro Precision Co., who make parts for machines. 

The owner of the company, Toshikazu Ishii, says the whole thing is a stunt to prove how useful tiny components like ball bearings are:

“hundreds of bearings are found in products all around us, but most people don’t see them, or pay much attention to them.”

This might also be one of the most expensive fidget spinners! If you want to buy one, prices start at £120…

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