David Tennant, Mark Gatiss, and Emilia Clarke will star in new Thunderbirds Are Go!

It's a change of career for the Timelord.

A brand new version of Thunderbirds will be on your telly soon!

It’s going to be shown on ITV and CITV this September and there are absolutely loads of celebs involved!

Even the old Doctor is getting in on the action… David Tennant will voice Tycho Reeves, the billionaire inventor who had some problems with his superspeed Hypercar!

Mark Gatiss, who stars in Sherlock, is becoming Professor Quentin Questa.

Emilia Clarke voices Doyle, “a resilient and courageous oil rig worker who stands up for what is right”, which sounds totally amazing!

This season follows on from the new-look CGI version that was shown last year.

The usual names are also returning with all the Tracy’s keeping their voice actors.

To see the rest of the cast head over to the Thunderbirds Are Go! official site!

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Thunderbirds Are Go! returns to ITV and CITV this September.

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