David Walliams given OBE at Buckingham Palace for charity work!

He said his mum was most proud!

Author and funnyman David Walliams was given an OBE earlier this week!

An OBE is a really important award given to people who do important and helpful things in their local communities. It might be charity work or doing a good job at work.

Walliams, who was told by the Queen he would get an OBE in June, said that the news made him happy, but it’s his mum who’s most proud!

He was given the award for his fundraising efforts, becoming the oldest person to swim the English Channel and raising millions for charity in the process.

On Monday, he posted a picture of a model version of the palace on the internet and wrote:

“I am looking forward to taking my mum to Buckingham Palace tomorrow (the real one not the Lego one)…”

He was given the award at Buckingham Palace by the Princess Royal.

He took the day off from filming in Glasgow for his book Grandpa’s Great Escape, which is due to be on telly at Christmas!

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