De Blob 2: New Trailer and Screenshots



Last week we told about the exciting new game de Blob 2: The Underground, which has just come out.

In this game you play as the mischievous prankster Blob, using his colourful skills to battle Comrade Black and his Inky minions who’ve drained all colour and music from Prisma City.

blob_Comrade's_comradsDe Blob 2: The Underground features 12 new exciting single player environments for you to explore and transform.

And the all new co-operative multiplayer mode means your friends can join you in the colour resistance!

To show you what you can expect, we’ve got our hands on a couple of screenshots from the game and a brand new trailer for you to check out.


For more information on the game go to or

[flv:/wp-content/uploads/deblob2new.flv 480 340]