Disney has launched a brand new way to watch their movies!

The classics get a super sized update in ‘Big Sleeve Editions!'

Six of Disney’s best-loved movies are being released on a new, never before seen format!

They’re called ‘Big Sleeve Editions’ and they will feature collectable packaging, the movie on both DVD and Blu-ray plus a set of beautiful artwork.


The Big Sleeve Editions coming this year are mix of classics and new releases!

They’re launching with six titles including Cinderella, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Beauty and the Beast, Guardians of the Galaxy, Aladdin, and Finding Dory!


The Big Sleeve Editions won’t be stopping there though! There are further releases planned next year. 

Viewers will have the chance to see behind the scenes footage, deleted and alternative scenes!

Plus you can gain an insight into each story through jam-packed audio commentary from directors and stars.

Launching in time for this Christmas, Disney’s unique Big Sleeve Editions can be pre-ordered online from the 7th of October and will hit shelves nationwide on the 28th of November.

Click here to get yours!

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