Do you think we’ll see Toy Story 4 sometime soon?


Toy Story is one of our all-time favourite films at Fun Kids!

It’s funny, silly and looks out-of-this-world.

So we were gobsmacked when we heard there might be a 4th film on the way!

Toyu Story

A very important guy in the film industry tweeted that ‘Toy Story 4 will be out in 2015’.  Pretty exciting right?

Well, maybe. The people who make the film – Pixar – then said that ‘nothing official’ has been announced. That definitely sounds like it could still be happening unofficially though, which would be amazing.

Even though they haven’t confirmed Toy Story 4, Pixar have announced ‘Finding Nemo 2’ will be out in 2016 which is great news as the original film was awesome.

Finding Nemo

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And here’s the latest look at the new Pixar movie. It’s ‘Monsters University’…

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