Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special – it’s all lies!

Doctor Who 15

It’s Doctor Who’s 50th birthday this year and we’re going to get a special hour-long episode some time in Autumn to celebrate.

Doctor Who 6We’ve been talking loads about it, saying how there’ll be all the old Doctor’s, return of the Daleks and loads more.

But now the show’s creator has said that pretty much everything we’ve heard isn’t even true!

He said “Normally I am responsible for the rubbish rumours – I usually put them out myself, but I haven’t needed to for this one.”

Oh. So we actually know nothing.

Well seeing as most of what we’ve heard about the 50th anniversary special is lies, we may as well make a few up ourselves.

Apparently Simon Cowell’s going to appear on the show wearing a Tu-Tu. Niall Horan from One Direction is going to appear as a guitar playing cyberman. And Sean will be on it playing doubles Ping Pong with a dalek. Honest, look…


What do you think’s really going to happen in this special episode? Let us know in the comment box below.

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