Edible Water-Powered Cars of the Future!

The kids have spoken!

The car company Honda have transformed kids’ wishes into reality with a new concept car…

Hundreds of 11-year olds were asked what sort of cars they will be driving in the future and they had some pretty nifty ideas!

Environmentally friendly, space-exploring cars with sterring wheels that double up as snacks were the order of the day!

1 in 4 kids wanted their cars to be edible with half of them declaring that chocolate would be the building material of choice.

Plus almost half of children thought that water was the fuel of the future and that their future car should be able to fly.

So with all that in mind, Honda have designed how that car might look (see above)!

A picture’s all very well and good Honda, but when can we drive the real thing?!

What would your dream car feature? Let us know in the comments below!

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