English Heritage have appointed an 8 year old boss!

Thea will be the country’s youngest CEO!


Thea is going to be bringing kid’s historic wishes to life!

1,066 children voted to create the English Heritage History Wish List and the top ten wishes that Thea is going to be helping make come true are – 

  1. Discover hidden treasure 
  2. Be a King or Queen for the day 
  3. Sit on a throne
  4. Fire a cannon 
  5. Build a fort 
  6. Sword fight with your friends 
  7. Battle pirates 
  8. Conquer a castle 
  9. Put on a suit of armour 
  10. Fire an arrow in the air 

They all sound pretty amazing! Hopefully you’ll be able to have a go at some of these at an English Heritage site near you!

Click here to learn more about the English Heritage!

A lot of the kids who voted also said they’d like to travel back to Roman times and the age of the Vikings! I wonder if Thea can help build a time machine too?

Check out Thea’s first day in the video below!

[jwplayer player=”1″ mediaid=”875210″]

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