Ever wondered what the most popular emoji is? Now Emojitracker will tell you!

We were 🤔 so we did some 🕵️ and found out...

Emoji has changed our lives 🙌

We see these little symbols everywhere and they help us communicate with each other 😂

So, we got thinking 🤔 What’s the most popular emoji? 🏆

Well, it turns out there’s a cool website where you can find that out! It’s called emojitracker.com and it tracks all the emojis posted to a social network called Twitter 🐦

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The website shows you all the emojis and then each box flashes when they’re used!

The most popular emoji is the crying face, which was also named as Oxford English Dictionary’s Word of The Year for 2017! 😂

The second most popular was the classic love heart ❤️ That has almost one billion shares!

The least popular is officially called ‘suspension railway’… 🚟 That has 80,589 tweets!

Did you know, not all emojis look the same everywhere? 😱

The little drawings are made by the same people who created your device meaning your 😀 might look like something totally different elsewhere…

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