Everything wrong with Apple’s new T. Rex emoji!

Scientists aren't happy!

You may have heard that a new dinosaur emoji is coming to iPhones near you this month!

Apple’s new Tyrannosaurus rex emoji may be adorable but its anatomy it’s totally wrong, according to Live Science.

Paleontologist Thomas Carr knows all about dinosaurs. He says its lower teeth shouldn’t be visible, and its ear and nostril are in the wrong places.

In the emoji, the dino’s eyes are above the snout, but in dinosaurs, including the T. rex, the eyes are actually on the side of the head!

The lower teeth are never in view when the jaws are closed, unlike those on Apple’s emoji and the emoji’s arms are too spindly.

Did you know that Tyrannosaurus rex don’t actually have tiny arms?

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Carr also said that the ear is in the wrong place; it should be above the jaw joint; and that the shape of the head is wrong.

The nostril is in the wrong place; it should be close to the front of the snout!

It looks like the emoji creators followed the inaccurate depiction of T. rex from the “Jurassic Park” movies…

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