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Sometimes in the Fun Kids studio we admit we’ve daydreamed about what the world would look like if it was totally made of sweets! But what about a world of pumpkin cottages, broccoli forests and pasta palm trees?

A-World-of-Food_PDF_Full-CoverWe’ve come across this new book by Carl Warner called A World of Food where you can see exactly what this looks like!

The photographer has created a world made entirely out of food.

Throughout the book see food landscapes that have houses made of cheese, trees made out of lollipops and clouds made of meringue! Safe to say you’ll get pretty hungry reading this!

Plus there’s a fun short poem to go with each photo too.

worldoffood-pic-1If you’re a fussy eater, then this is an interesting way to learn about all the different food out there and kind of proves that playing with your food isn’t such a bad thing afterall!

A World of Food is created by Carl Warner and is out now – click here to find out more

To give you a better idea of what you can expect, check out the image gallery below.

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