Explore the Ology World Book Series!


We always love finding out about new, interesting stuff here at Fun Kids and if you do too then you should check out the Ology series of books created by Templar Publishing.

Celebrating it’s 10th Anniversary this year, each book explores an exciting topic full of interactive stuff, pop-ups and items for you to keep – all made to bring you into the centre of the story!

So you can dive the deepest depths of the ocean, conquer your fear of mythical beasts, travel back in time to ancient Egypt, zip off to space to meet real aliens, discover the world of spies, go hunting for vampires and loads more!

There are now 12 books in the series, including the brand new book Dinosaurology!

In this latest Ology book you follow Raleigh Rimes, an adventurer who in 1907 is said to have discovered a land where Dinosaurs still roam!

To find out more about this series, make sure you visit www.ologyworld.com

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