Explore the Weird World of Wonders!


Sometimes we think teachers purposefully leave out all the fun stuff about history!weird-wonders-egyptians-new

So we thought we’d let you know about a new series of books called Tony Robinson’s Weird World of Wonders.

In these you join Tony Robinson and the Curiosity Crew as they travel back in time to find out all the most important, funny, strange, amazing, smelly and disgusting bits!

Find out why Egyptian tomb raiding was a bad idea, why Ancient Egyptians loved cats and why the Romans washed their togas in wee!

It’s definitely all the fun bits of history they don’t tell you about at school!

Who better to tell you more about it than Tony Robinson himself – check it out:

There are currently two books in the Weird World of Wonders series – Romans and Egyptians with more books due to come out this September!

To find out more visit weirdworldofwonders.com

There’s also a cool Weird of Wonders game online where you have to get Pee Wee through the dangerous worlds of history – click here to play now!

Tony Robinson’s Weird World of Wonders is published by Macmillan Children’s Books