Family Ghost Tours at Hampton Court Palace!


This winter you can add an extra chill to your evening with the Family Ghost Tours at Hampton Court Palace!

hcp-family-ghost-tour-outside-tallerEvery Saturday throughout November and December, you can go on an early evening walking tour where the history of this 500-year-old palace really does come creepily to life!

On this guided tour you’ll hear stories of ghostly appearances at Hampton Court Palace, and may even catch a glimpse of a ghost yourself!

Family Ghost Tours take place on Saturdays in November and December and can be booked by calling 0844 482 7777.

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To give you some warning of the frights you might be in for, here’s our inside scoop on the spooky goings-on at Hampton Court Palace:

hcp-family-ghost-tour-lightThe Ghost of Jane Seymour

Investigate the Silver Stick Staircase where a ghostly lady in a long white gown has been seen carrying a lighted taper down these stairs and out into Clock Court. It is believed the woman is Jane Seymour, Henry VIII’s third wife who lived (and died!) at Hampton Court Palace.

The Ghost of Catherine Howard

One spot in the palace is so haunted it is now known as the Haunted Gallery! Throughout the years people have seen a woman dressed in white letting out an unearthly shriek before running back to the top of the stairs.

Many believe this figure is the ghost of Catherine Howard, Henry VIII’s fifth wife. Legend has it that on the night after she was arrested for treason, she ran shrieking down the gallery.

The Phantom Dog and Cat

Over the years a ghostly dog has been seen and heard, as well as a mysterious, white cat. See if you can catch these phantom pets yourself on the tour!

HCP-Descriptor-small-useEvent Information

Adult Ticket: ยฃ20
Child Ticket (aged 6 to 14): ยฃ10

Age: 6+

To book tickets please call 0844 482 7777

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