Fancy running a company?

1_unlocked_guides_sYou may have come across a cool set of travel books designed for kids called Unlocked Guides.

Well, they’ve decided that they need a bit of primary-age wisdom so they’re currently giving kids a chance to join their board of directors!

The Unlocked Guides founders, Emily Kerr and Joshua Perry, have taken the decision to gather together kids aged twelve and under from across the UK to help define the company’s strategic goals and develop future plans. The young directors will also contribute cheesy jokes and silly illustration ideas.

Explaining their rather unusual idea Joshua said,

“When we originally designed our range we spoke to 200 kids, and frankly their ideas were much better than ours. So we’ve decided to bring some primary-age expertise into our boardroom.”

If you want to become a director, all you need to do is send an e-mail to [email protected] explaining in 50 words or less why you want to join the board.

If you win you will attend the first board meeting on Friday 3rd June and also get personalised business cars, a goody bag and other directors’ perks!

Who said adults always know better??