FILCLUB Reviews – Disney Planes and The Jungle Book!

Our friends from FILMCLUB have seen the latest films and are telling us the good and bad bits!


Planes (U, 2013)

Planes, the brand new Disney animated film is out now, and FILMCLUB sent two young reporters to a special preview screening.

Elicia aged 10: “I loved Planes I would give it 4 stars. It was about a crop hopper plane called Dusty. He loved racing and entered an around the world race. No one except his best friends Dottie and Chug believe he can win it because he was afraid of heights. Big and fast planes have won the race but when Dusty gets more little plane fans, will that boost him to get over his fears?

My favourite character was Dottie she was funny and helped Dusty along the way. I think Planes teaches you to step out your comfort zone and believe in yourself. I think Planes is for everyone, it is humorous and everyone loves funny films.

I loved the race and all the different places it went to like India, Iceland and the Himalayas. It was very pretty, look out for the plane landscapes and clouds!

I liked the music, it went well with how Dusty was feeling throughout the race and really made you feel involved. I think Planes is just as good as Cars, maybe even better. You should definitely go and see it.”

Jake aged 11: “Planes is a fabulous Disney animation that was utterly gripping and hilarious. I would definitely see this film again. It contrasts with the world of Cars, which we are already familiar with, and takes everything to a new level!

This film is about the fastest competition on earth, Wings Around The Globe. Dusty, a plane built to dust crops, dreams of competing and when he gets on the racing list nothing will stand in his way, except his fear of heights??? He longs to conquer his phobia and with no one else to turn to he seeks guidance from Skipper, a World War II veteran. However, why does Skipper never fly?! As Dusty gets ready to take to the sky he knows that if he wins, it will change his life forever and he can prove that he can do more then he was built for…

I loved this film and would give it a five star anytime because it had me hooked throughout. I never felt bored and I laughed till my sides hurt. One reason I found it so funny was that Bulldog (the British racer) talked in such a posh stereotypical British way and I think that John Cleese did an outstanding job. My favourite line was ”I don’t cry, I’m British!’ Another factor was how the director Klay Hall and the producer Traci Balthazor put so much effort in to making this film, they went on many research trips and even flew a few planes themselves to get the animation just right.

To summarise I think Planes is a great film and a must-see for all ages, it will give you a new perspective on the world of Planes and Cars and you will want to see it again and again.”


And here’s this week’s Classic Film Review…

The Jungle Book (U, 1967)

The Jungle Book is one of Disney’s most classic animated tales. Following the adventures of Mowgli, an orphan raised by wolves and the different characters he meets in the jungle. If you haven’t seen it yet, here are a few reviews from some of FILMCLUB’s own members to check out.

Daniel aged 13: “One of Disneys best films without doubt, perhaps one of the best films ever made. The characters in the book were brilliant and Disney has recreated them superbly. The film in it will be rembered forever not just because of the quality of the film but also the hugely popular songs that also feature.”

Abbie aged 9: “The Jungle book was an excellent experience for getting up and dancing about, especially to the Bear Necessities and after viewing the film I got that song stuck in my head . I absolutely loved the film. my favorite character was “the king of the swingers the jungle VIP” because he had the rhythm and a funky beat!”

Lewis aged 13: “I love this film it is a classic with it playing a major part in animated fims as it set the bar for them to be. My favourite character is baloo as he is extremely funny I espessially like the bear necessities!”

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