Final piece of Crossrail laid, finishing the brand new Elizabeth Line!

It opens in December 2019.

A new railway line connecting London to the south east was finished earlier this week!

It’s called Crossrail and it connects Reading in the west, through London, to Shenfield in Essex.

Now that workers have laid the last piece of permanent Crossrail track, it means the line is finished.

Lots of the line runs above-ground but some of the track has been laid underground, a bit like the tube!

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The train will pass through “portals” (tunnels, to you and me!) to get across London. At the moment you have to arrive on the edge of London and then make your way via tube or bus to the other side.

Chris Grayling, the man in-charge of transport, attached the last little bit to the new track, 35 metres below ground at Whitechapel station.

However, don’t expect to ride it too soon! The track might be finished but there’s still some cleaning and building left to do.

The line officially opens in December 2019.

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