Find out about ‘The Chaperone’, starring Triple H!

WEFLM01-The-Chaperone-FrontWe’re big fans of WWE here, especially the legendary wrestler Triple H, so we were very excited when we learnt the man himself was starring in a new comedy called The Chaperone.

The Chaperone stars Paul ‘Triple H’ Levesque’ as Ray Bradstone, an ex-criminal who wants to change his ways and make a positive mark on the world.

Ray is the best getaway driver in the business, but after years of a criminal lifestyle he is determined to sort his life out and go straight. Ray decides to do something positive to make up for his criminal activities and sees the chance to serve as being a helper on Sally’s school field trip as the perfect opportunity.

CHAP_06072010jf_00050However, when the robbery goes wrong for Ray’s old gang, they blame Ray for their failures and hunt the school bus and Ray down all over New Orleans.

On the school trip Ray must deal with his old criminal gang, whilst supervising Sally’s class on what becomes one of the craziest school trips ever!

The Chaperone is released on 18th April 2011 on Blu-Ray and DVD and will be available at all good retailers and online at

To give you a bit more of a taste of what to expect, check out these pictures from the film:

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