Find out about the new XBox and Playstation consoles!

There have been loads of rumours going around the internet that Sony and Microsoft will be releasing brand new XBox and Playstation consoles in 2013!

And nobody has denied the rumours, so it’s looking like we’ll definitely be getting our hands on some cool new video game consoles this year.

Disney's Epic Mickey Concept Art JLW

The official announcement of both the consoles isn’t definite yet. But most people think it will happen in June 2013 and others think it could happen as early as Spring. Either way, we’ll know more really soon!

The consoles are meant to be the most powerful yet! They’re bound to have 150 million giga-toads and 3000 mega-ponies so the graphics will look out-of-this-world!

f1 race stars

X Box Bits

The X Box is rumoured to have a blu-ray player, work with Skype and it’s own TV service called X Box TV!

Xbox 720

PS4 Bits

The new Playstation will have a blu-ray player, a new controller design and a pretty annoying new feature.

The rumours say that the new Playstation won’t allow you to play pre-owned games. So you won’t be able to buy old games from your friends or second-hand shops.


Which new console do you want to get hold of? Let us know in the comment box below!

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