Flowers bloom after rain at the world’s driest desert!

It happened in the Atacama Desert in Chile!

The Atacama desert in Chile is the world’s driest desert. Scientists have said it’s a miracle anything manages to survive there.

In fact, it’s so dry the soil has been compared to the surface of Mars. Loads of film crews use it to shoot space movies!

It normally looks like this…

…but heavy rains have caused the seeds of over 200 different plants to bloom!


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Locals call it desierto florido¬†which means ‘flowering desert’. Everyone else calls it a ‘super bloom’, where dormant plant seeds suddenly find new life.

The bloom attracts lots of visitors and tourism officials said they hoped more flowers would bloom in the coming weeks as different species germinate at different times.

The desert gets less than 2cm of rain per year, the equivalent of six or so hours of drizzle.

Some times it gets a little bit more and when the time is perfect, boom! Super bloom!

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It now looks a little more like the English countryside than a dull, dry desert!

Remember, it usually looks like this, and is the driest place on Earth…

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