Find out what foods the teams have taken to the World Cup in Brazil!

world cup food

The 2014 World Cup kicked off last week with a huge opening ceremony and the first game between hosts Brazil and Croatia in Group A.

world-cup-stockfood-mainBrazil beat the Croatians 3-1 and since then there’s been loads of football every single day!

Between the matches, each country has a team of expert chefs whose job it is to make sure the players are eating the right foods to keep them happy and fit. We’ve been finding out what’s on the menu for this year’s tournament…


Mamma Mia! The Italians have packed Parmesan cheese, olive oil and Prosciutto ham with them on the plane to Brazil. Italy are playing in Group D with England, Uruguay and Costa Rica.


England need to ‘ketch-up’ their Italian rivals after being beaten 2-1 in their opening game so Roy Hodgson has let the boys have red sauce! In the 2010 World Cup ketchup was banned by former manager Fabio Capello.

Watch an amazing science trick with floating ketchup sachets!


Hot hot! The Mexican team like things a little spicier so they’ve asked for lots of lots of chillies in their dinner. Maybe it will fire them up to score more goals? Mexico are in Group A with Brazil, Croatia and Cameroon.

usUnited States

Yummy! The Americans have stashed away loads of peanut butter and Cheerios in their suitcase to help them feel at home in Brazil. The U.S. play in Group G along with Ghana, Iran and Algeria.

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