Fun Kids bans Frozen!

The songs never bothered us anyway

We asked you what you thought of the songs from Frozen on the app Popjam! Loads of you said that you were fed up with songs from the huge Disney movie and that we should just let them go!

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So we’ve done just that!

Charles (11) from London said: When I hear a frozen song it drives me Insane just don’t like the lyrics my little cousin keeping singing them to me dress up in her blue dress dancing around living room ARRRRRRRR if my ears hear any more frozen songs thay will blow up. band frozen songs Please Fun Kid. can we have more olly murs he is really cool. and much better to listen to.”

9 year old Ava is totally fed up with them too:No no no – they are irksome, corny and badly sung…I’ve heard them too many times!”

So you won’t hear another Frozen song on Fun Kids ever again. Plus if ANY presenter is caught playing one of the tunes from the movie then there will be trouble!

What do you think of the ban? Are you happy they’re gone or would you like Frozen songs back on your radio?

Let us know below!

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