Fun Kids Goes Nationwide on DAB Digital Radio

Listen across the country on your digital radio!

Our listeners near London have been able to listen to Fun Kids on their DAB Digital Radios for years and years and years. BUT, anyone outside London has only been able to listen on their computers, phones and tablets and you’ve been telling us that can be difficult when your OLDER SISTER WANTS TO PLAY CANDY CRUSH ON THE IPAD ALL THE TIME. AND you’ve said you want to listen to Fun Kids in your parents’ cars as you drive around the country too!

So! We’ve been working hard to make sure Fun Kids can be picked up on more digital radios in more places! Wooooooooo!

Robot from the Fun Kids breakfast show has been working very hard doing all of the wiring and we’re live!

You’ll need to press retune on your DAB Digital Radio at home or a search/scan on your digital radio in the car before you go hunting.

Your home radio will need to be tick-mark enabled to pick us up, if it’s a relatively new one, you should be fine. If your car came with a digital radio, you should be okay too.

If you’re having trouble picking us up, we’ve got some Frequently Asked Questions for parents here. And if it doesn’t work for you BLAME ROBOT!

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