Gary Barlow to quit the X Factor over novelty acts!

Gary Barlow

So Gary Barlow is a bit of a grumpy goose this morning.

Apparently he’s threatened to quit X Factor unless they make some changes for the show’s 10th Birthday!

One of the things Gary wants to stop are the ‘novelty’ or funny acts. What!?

The X Factor without funny singers is like a cupcake without icing. Or a goat without sunglasses.

If the X Factor lost the funny singers it would only be spinny chairs away from becoming The Voice! And nobody wants that! (Unless they’re trying to fall asleep).

So to celebrate the funny singers on X Factor we’ve got together videos of our top 5 funny performances. Check them out…

5. Jedward

Jon and Edward didn’t let the judges forget them and the public seemed to love them.

4. Johnny Robinson

You’ve got to love Johnny!

3. Rylan

Not even Pinocchio could say Rylan’s a good singer. But at least this Gangnam Style mix didn’t make us fall asleep like Jahmene Douglas.

2. Chico

You may not remember this guy. He was on one of the original X Factors but he did have a funny song called ‘Chico Time’.

1. Wagner

No one could say Wagner was a good singer. But he made us all laugh.


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