Girl Talk Celeb Cringe Special!

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Think falling over at school was bad? Just wait until you read these stars’ embarrassing tales…


Trick Trauma

“I was on my friend’s street and the girl who lived next door said she’d teach me a magic trick. She told me to close my eyes and put my hands on my head, then she pulled my trousers down in the middle of the street!”

Harry, 1D


Shoe Shame

“I’m embarrassed all the time. I was once on stage and one of my shoes fell off and landed in the front row. It landed on my friend’s lap, so I kept dancing with one shoe and she threw it back to me and I quickly ran to the side of the stage to put it back on!”

Ariana Grande


Big Bangs

“Being tall, I’m always hitting my head on the side of a car or when going through a door. I think I’ve gotten minor concussions from hitting my head on so many things!”

Taylor Swift


Out Of This World!

“Once, we had to fly across the arena on harnesses. When we got halfway across the theatre we were supposed to dance in the air, but I started tipping upside down and I thought I was going to fall out of mine. Everyone else was dancing and I was just trying to pull myself back up!”

Jade, Little Mix

X Factor - Wembley Arena Auditions

Head-jam Horror

“I’ve had loads of embarrassing moments! I had a train door shut on my head once, as I was kissing a boyfriend goodbye!”

Cheryl, The X Factor


Dad Drama

“I was once in a café and Harry Styles came in. I’d been joking that I’d probably wet myself if I met 1D. So my dad started kicking me under the table and shouted out: ‘Are you going to wet yourself now?’ Cringe!”

Anaïs, Friday Download


Totally Rubbish!

“I’ve had a fair few embarrassing moments. I’ve fallen into a bin, tripped up and fallen down stairs!”



How do you handle the embarrassment? These sympathetic stars know what it feels like to have a cringe moment or two. So here’s their advice on how to keep your head high and just shake it off!


Laugh it off

“When you get into embarrassing situations, you have to realise that it’s not that important. It’s all about remembering that the past is the past and we learn and then move on. Live for the present, that’s what life is all about! Don’t dwell on it.”

Ariana Grande


Make it work for you

“The songs I’ve written about my moments of humiliation, embarrassment or devastation have gotten me the greatest sense of clarity. With no bumps in the road, maybe my music

would be more beige and maybe the stadiums wouldn’t be so full.”

Taylor Swift


Stay confident

“Remember: if you’re presenting yourself with confidence, you can pull off pretty much anything!”

Katy Perry

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