GIRL TALK MAG: Disney Stuck in the Middle!

We asked Disney’s newest star, Jenna Ortega, about her show and find out what she’d rather be stuck in the middle of…

Tell us about Stuck in the Middle!

It’s about the ups and downs of being a middle child and it’s told from the point of view of my character, Harley. I think Girl Talk readers will like it because they’ll be able to relate to it, it’s funny, and it has heart-warming moments that you can enjoy with your family.


What do you like about playing Harley? Are you similar in any way?

I love playing Harley because she is a lot like me. We’re both middle children, both goofballs, and we both like math and science!


Who is the funniest on set? Does anyone play any pranks?

We all love pulling pranks on each other! But I think Isaak, who plays Ethan, enjoys pranking the most!


What’s it like being a middle child?

Being a middle child is not that bad to me. I always have people to hang out with and they’ve all got my back. We all support and love each other. I love being a middle child. I couldn’t ask for a better family!


Do you get on with your on-screen siblings in real life?

My cast mates are like my second family. We all love each other and we’re able to make jokes without offending anyone. We’re always hanging out, in and outside of work!

Would you rather be stuck in the middle of…

  • Two ice creams or two cakes? Two ice cream cakes!
  • Two dogs or two cats? Two dogs!
  • Two aliens or two monsters? Two aliens, so maybe I can make a peace treaty with them!


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