GIRL TALK MAG: How Embarrassing?

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Made the cut!

I cut and dyed my hair black when I was 12. I wanted bangs (a fringe) except I cut halfway back on my head, so it was like half a bowl cut. It was like a German schoolboy’s look from the 70s. It was awful!

Dove Cameron, Liv and Maddie

How embarrasingSPLAT

Splat shame!

All day at school, people kept telling me I had a nice bag then laughing. I didn’t realise till I got home that a bird had pooped all over my bag!

Jody Raynor, 13


Trolley crash cringe!

Once when I was shopping, my dad let me steer the trolley. I had Heelys (roller trainers) on and I accidentally steered it into the shelves! Everything came crashing down and everyone looked at me! Blush Central!

Anna, 10


Heely bad!

I was doing a live taping of my show and because I was wearing these high heels, I fell down the stairs after saying hi to my fans. That was really pretty bad!


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