GIRL TALK MAG: How Embarrassing?

You decide! Rate how cringey these Girl Talk OMG moments are!

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Classroom cringe!

I was swinging on my chair in class. Suddenly I fell backwards and my desk fell on top of me! Everyone was laughing at me except for one of one of my friends who said, “OMG she’s fainted!” BLUSH!

Freya, 11


Parrot talk!

I couldn’t speak properly the first time I met Taylor Swift! Brad had the same issue – his voice cracked and came out squeaky like a parrot. It was so awkward, but Brad covered his shame by pretending he was just “working a cool angle!”

James, The Vamps


Tennis Trauma!

I was playing tennis and it was my turn to serve. As I went to pick up the ball, my pants split! All my friends laughed and my sister took a pic. Cringe!

Lorna, 13


Shocking splits!

At school once, we were in gym class when I did my signature splits and my pants ripped! I started bawling and all my friends laughed at me!

Victoria Baldesarra, Michelle in The Next Step


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