GIRL TALK MAG: “If I ruled the world” by Shane Harte!

Find out what the star of Lost and Found Music Studios would do if he was in charge for a day!


Id banish…

Waking up early! I wouldn’t say I’m not a morning person, I’m usually pretty friendly, but you know that achy feeling of waking up early? That is the worst feeling in the world!


At school I’d ban…

Uniform! I had a uniform in high school and sometimes it definitely saved me in the morning when I woke up late and couldn’t decide what to wear because I just had to wear a uniform. But I love style and I love fashion, so being able to personalise that and showing off your own style is important to who you are.


My deputy ruler would be…

Alex, who plays John, hands down! We spent so much time together on set and we’ve become really close. I know he has my best interests in mind and he knows I feel the same.


I wouldn’t make any fashion laws…

Because I think style is such a personal thing. I have little rules, like I never like anything to be too matchy – I love clashing weird colours. And I like to mix and match things. These are my personal fashion rules, but I wouldn’t try to tell other people what they should wear. Everyone rocks their own thing!


I’d record a track with…

Zayn. He’s pretty popular right now! The fact that he did his own thing is really cool and I really like his new album. I really like his track Befour.


I’d make…

Concerts or a summer festival free for a day so me and my friends could all go together. I’d go to Coachella in California. I’ve never been and I’d totally want to go with all my mates!


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