Girls guide to surviving a jealous friend

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How do you spot a jealous friend? Here are three signs to look out for…

She never congratulates you if you score higher in a test.

She doesn’t like you playing with other friends.

She gets grumpy when the attention is on you.

So what should you do?

1. Understand it

Some people need reassuring that they are liked, and they get jealous when they feel insecure. You might need to remind her why she’s your friend to make her feel happier.

2. Check yourself
Think about your own actions. Do you leave her out when you’re with other girls? Do you brag about your test scores? Put yourself in her shoes and check that you’re not doing anything that you wouldn’t like done to you.

3. Talk to her
Sometimes people don’t realise their behaviour is hurtful, so let her know how you feel. Ask her why she’s behaving this way, and tell her when it upsets you.

4. Stay happy
If you’ve answered ‘no’ to the questions in number 2, then her jealousy isn’t your fault. She is being this way because she’s not happy, but don’t let her jealousy spoil your life.

5. Move on
An envious friend can be exhausting as you feel like you’re forever trying to make her happy. It might be time to move on and spend time with other friends who don’t make you feel this way.

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