Go behind-the-scenes on The X Factor 2016 official photo shoot!

See the judges (and Dermot) looking all fancy!

The X Factor returns to the telly this weekend and we are so getting excited!

It’s a big one this year because there’s the return of a few familiar faces…

Dermot O’Leary will be hosting the show after taking a year off and he’ll be making sure the judges are being well-behaved…

First up, there’s the boss himself – Simon Cowell – who is on for another series!

Alongside him will be Nicole Scherzinger who you’ll remember from a few years back!

Then there’s two of the show’s original judges – Sharon Osbourne and Louis Walsh – who will be making the panel very lively!

They’ve been known to throw water over each other in the past when they’ve got angry!

Don’t worry though, everyone’s getting along just fine in this clip of the judges and Dermot getting ready for their official photoshoot!

You can see what it’s like behind-the-scenes when the X Factor stars are in front of the camera!

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