Great Grey Owl from Chessington World of Adventures Resort falls in love with owl statue!

Unfortunately, one owl isn't like other...

Zoo keepers at Chessington World of Adventures Resort have discovered an unlikely romance!

Zodiac, a one year-old Great Grey Owl, has fallen ‘in love’ with a owl statue on Chessington’s Gruffalo ride…

The zoo keepers noticed Zodiac became calmer when he was in the presence of the big owl statue.

They like to keep all animals as happy as possible so keep taking him back every morning to visit!

Lisa Britton who manages the zoo at Chessington World of Adventures, said it was really nice they had formed a bond.

“When we first took Zodiac into the new Gruffalo ride we were overwhelmed with how quickly he became besotted by the image of a much larger owl. We don’t have the heart to tell him that his love maybe on the unrequited side, but it definitely keeps him happy!”

The Gruffalo River Ride is new for 2017. It replaces the classic Bubbleworks ride, which entertained visitors for 26 years.

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